Human life tends to become monotonous and boring. The daily cycle of work-home-home-work often leaves us feeling stuck and uninspired. Ennui sets in and we look for escapes in television and internet. So if you’re battling with such a situation, let me bring some spice back in your life by rattling your neurons with TOP UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES OF THE WORLD:

1. Mary Celeste

Mary Celeste Ship

December 5th, 1872, the captain of Canadian brigantine Dei Gratia, found an adrift ship which he recognized as Mary Celeste. After no response from this ship, the captain sent boats for inquiry and discovered that the ship was in perfect seaworthy condition. The only thing missing however was one life boat, the ship’s captain, his wife and daughter and the 8 crewmen. The last entry in the ship’s log showed that she had made the island St Mary in the Azores on November 25th. But even after large number of investigations the people aboard the ship were never found. Theories have ranged from toxic fumes, supernatural attacks, pirates, mutiny and what not. Some recent findings do suggest a faulty chronometer and a clogged on board pump may have lead to the abandonment of the ship.

2. Past life memories

Shanti Devi

Top unexplained mysteries of the world include children, as young as 3 year old remembering vivid details of their past lives. Till date these have remained unexplained. Let’s look at the curious case of Shanti Devi. Born on 11th December 1926, at about the age of 4, she started telling her parents that her real name was “Lugdi” and her home is in Mathura where she had died during childbirth. Discouraged by her parents, she started talking to the teachers. She told them how she is married and that her husband “Kedar Nath”, a merchant in Mathura. The headmaster was perplexed to find out the truth. There indeed existed a merchant of same name in Mathura whose wife Lugdi Devi had died 9 years ago during childbirth.This mysterious phenomenon even caught the attention of Mahatma Gandhi who personally met Shanti, a woman who proved reincarnation.

3. Spontaneous Human Combustion

Spontaneous Human Combustion

The list of top unexplained mysteries of the world is incomplete without the phenomenon of Spontaneous Human Combustion. SHC is a phenomenon in which a human being suddenly and inexplicably bursts into flames. The remains of the body often include unscathed limbs and charred bones. What is more surprising is that the surroundings other than the individual’s immediate one have no trace of a fire breaking out. SHC have been on peak from 1600s to 1966. Various theories have been put forward. Alcoholics, proximity to ignitable substances are a few of them. However, no theory has completely explained the cause.

4. The Taos Hum

Taos Pueblo, New Mexico.

A low irritating HUMMING sound plagued Taos, a village in New Mexico in the early 1990s. Many residents reported hearing a constant humming that would keep them awake and give them headaches. This mass tinnitus like phenomenon was experienced by as much as 2% of the whole population as revealed in a research. What is more puzzling is that different people reported different types of sounds which started at the same time. Thus, this hum sound has secured a place in the top unexplained mysteries of the world.

These are just few of the many top unexplained mysteries of the world!

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