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The concept of social life begins with the most common statement, “Humans are social beings”. But what is social life? Society engulfs us and we engulf society. Imagine yourself in a cocoon wrapped up in layers and layers of people. However, each layer is present to contribute its own unique support system. Our social life represents this image. We are surrounded by a set of classified people that were put into categories by us without even realizing it. These sets together constitute our social circle – a set of handpicked individuals that we chose to surround ourselves at different points in our day to day life. They are present in the form of concentric circles around us with the closest one representing the degree of comfort and ease we share with them. The types of social circles are subjective and may differ from person to person.

Here’s the list of types of social circles that we become a part of in our lives!

1. Personal

personal circle

Me, Myself and I. Among the different types of social circles, personal social circle may or may not be social. To some people, it refers to the valuable time one spends with themselves, on themselves and for themselves. To others, it may refer to a partner, either a romantic one or someone you would like to rob a bank with. However, though subject to change, it is usually this circle that surrounds you the closest. It offers you the help and support you need from oneself and helps you question your deeds and guide you through the tough obstacles in life. It is important that this circle is developed at a young age for better strength and confidence during your journey in life. It is a small social circle with the fewest members.

2. Family


One cannot stress the importance of this type of social circle. A family is the roots of the tree you become and a good relationship with both close and immediate family is vital for your personality and development. Parents and siblings usually tend to score the highest rankings among this circle, however; many people tend to be more comfortable and transparent with their cousins, grandparents or relatives. We often rely on the members of this social circle for facing difficult situations and for advice on the major decisions we make. Studies have shown that people facing problems with this circle or lack of it often face mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and stress.

3. School


Education has branched out to become something more than studies and exams. It has become one of the most significant types of social circles. The relationships a student shares with his or her classmates and teachers contribute a large part to his or her present and future social life. Though the members of this circle maybe many, one often tend to seek comfort in a smaller circle of really close friends. During the schooling period, friendships and acquaintances become really important and one often tends to rely a lot on them. Support and encouragement provided by teachers mold the mind of the child and prepare him or her for the long way. During college, this circle may change to accommodate new members and discard old ones or may simply grow.

4. Work


Associations and work-based relationships often come in hand as one progresses in their careers. A good work relationship can provide you with drive and the required amount of peer pressure that helps you strive for your best. These relationships also help you relax and to engage in conversations with people going through similar workplace issues. This circle is highly sensitive and goes through constant changes.

5. Community


Community circle is one of the largest types of social circles over which you possess very little control. This circle expands and contracts at its own will and cannot often be avoided. This social circle also plays an important role in the life you lead and the people you meet. A good community circle is accepting and broadminded however a faulty one can lead to major personal and professional setbacks in your life. Building an efficient community circle is therefore very important. Surround yourself with the people you love and cherish. May it be friends, neighbors, acquaintances or relationships. An individual will perform much better in their life if they are not scrutinized or criticized but encouraged and rightfully lead by the society around them. Therefore, this circle is an important factor in your social and personal life.

People can bring other people down or help them rise to their true potential. There is a lot of importance of social group in our lives. We, as individuals are participants in our loved ones’ social circle. Treat them with the love and respect you would like to receive. Support and help those around you and help strengthen yours as well as the other person’s presence in each of the types of social circles.

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