Uber has been a remarkably popular choice for those who require cabs on the go. It has been useful for those who have transport problems. Moreover, it has even provided a cheaper and faster option. Uber is soon releasing UberEATS for delivering food in India. UberEATS is popular in 50 cities around the globe including USA, Australia, Dubai, Europe etc. Now, you can get the food which you relish and desire for at the fastest speed ever in India.


1. Selection Of  Your Choice

We can select and choose any type of variety and food which we wish for. Moreover, they will be working with over a hundred of best spots across the country. Currently, UberEATS is asking users to add restaurants in a priority list.

2. UberEATS keeps The Value Of Time In Mind

However, we can also tap on the uber-networks we can have and get anything which we feel like from the chain of local restaurants as fast as possible. Approximately on an average, an order takes about thirty minutes from start to finish.

3. A Lovable Service

When we are done with the choice and order then we will get the total amount which we need to pay which includes the amount of the ordered it’s along with delivery charges. There is no need for anyone to tip. Also, we can also track our order. Moreover, Uber promises for 100% customer satisfaction.


India will be the 7th country in Asia to have UberEATS services. Initially, this service will be available in metropolitan cities: NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. 

The fastest growing food delivery network which aims at delivering food at a great speed.

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