Underrated Pleasures Of Traveling Alone


Traveling is fun, isn’t it? In this busy and social world, one of the most denied activities is self-exploration. Believe it or not, it is also the most required when we are so caught up in other people. Self-love and self-reasoning is something that can keep us going on easily when we’re stuck with other’s problems. We often forget that it is we who are our only true companion, and what can really remind us of the importance of knowing ourselves is traveling. Traveling alone! It is an underrated pleasure in our world that is so full of trying to prove itself. We need to experience the underrated pleasures of traveling alone. Here are three reasons why traveling alone is a much-required activity that should be done at least once in a while, or at the very least once in a lifetime!



Life’s hectic, and we all know it. From busy weekdays to busier weekends with people, we often forget to give time to the most important person in our lives: us! One of the underrated pleasures of traveling alone is solitude (which is a mandatory thing, mind you). Solitude helps you define your own self, it makes you think, wonder and finds what you want to find. It is needed excessively sometimes and yet we forget to even give a few our minds to it. Solitude is peace, it’s a company of yourself, it’s a part of life which we should seek. However you are, wherever you are, a little bit of solitude keeps you on track. It keeps you going, wondering and finding titbits of life in yourself and not just others. Solitude is a wonderful gift.

Observation skills


Often we find ourselves so busy in people we know that we forget to observe the people we don’t know, the surroundings, ourselves. When we travel alone, we develop an eye for things that matter. We find beauty in things that we never even gave second thoughts too, we find love in the little stuff, we observe people and things that we would never observe before. We smile at stuff that our eyes would never glance at, and we feel peace. For a little while, we become parts of something that is greater than our own small world. Parts of the whole universe, and for that little while, everything makes sense. We develop observational skills, one of the most underrated pleasures of traveling alone, that not only beautify that particular little moment but also our whole lives. We will see that our observation skills have developed. As a matter of fact, we would cherish every moment.

Loving yourself

Love yourself

This world is a huge place filled with lots of love, and lots of care and yet there is something utterly more beautiful than loving someone. What is that, you ask? Loving yourself, one of the best qualities of intelligent people. One of the underrated pleasures of traveling alone is loving ourselves. We get a chance to reveal the being in ourselves. Loving oneself is not art, but a life-sustaining quality. We tend to depend on others for love, and we often forget that there is no one else we can love more than ourselves. Traveling alone is an eye-opener, and when we see how lovable we can be, without anyone to show it to, we develop. We develop, we increase and we love better than how we could do it before. We should start loving ourselves more.

These are some of the underrated pleasures of traveling alone which should be experienced by everyone, at least once in their lives! So, what are you waiting for, pick a destination, pack your bags and run away!

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