Facts about black magic

Black Magic is something that has held its place in the Indian mythology for years that we cannot even keep a count on. Earlier it was present in insane amount. Out of 10 around 6 individual practiced the same. Though this practice was never accepted as a part of our culture and was abandoned by many still it found it’s way to perish. Even now there are certain places where it is practiced. Black magic basically connected spirits of the dead, at least it claimed to.  It is a kind of magic that is meant for evil and selfish purposes. This claims to provide happiness to one at the expense of another. There are many unknown facts about Black magic. It is said that black magic is because of the rule or dominance of the evil over the good.

Here are a few unknown facts about black magic that you must know!

1. Black Magic Can Never Bring Back The Dead


One of the most important facts about black magic falsifies the myth that black magic can bring the dead back to life. It was earlier said that black magic is there to connect people with their loved ones whom they have lost. But recently it has been proven that this was all false. There is no such power that can raise the dead. Black magic is only there to harm others which provides benefit to those that practice it. It is only to make a fool of people so that they fall into their trap and serve for their selfish propaganda. The cycle of death is irreversible, no one has that power to mend it in any way.

2. Practitioners Are Servants Of Spirits


The people that practice and preach black magic are actually the servants of spirits. This itself is all about the worship of the evil. Most of the people think that it is the practitioner who is at dominance and is controlling the spirits as per his/her wish. But one of the unknown facts about black magic is that, things are quite opposite of the obvious. The spirits are actually in command and take hold of those practicing it. They make the practitioners their servant and force them to fulfill their every requirement. More difficulties are imparted to those that cast the spell rather than to whom it is directed.

3. It Is An Addictive Process

Black magic procession

Once anyone starts believing in the process of black magic, it gets very difficult to withdraw oneself from the habit of it. It is a mere addiction that can affect your life as well as of those who are near and dear to you. This has been one of the greatest unknown facts about black magic. You will never get to know when your curiousness will become your obsession and it will only lead you to the dark. A person can start practicing this magic on his/her own wish but can never get themselves away from it on their own. People get trapped in this in order to attain the supreme power and to enjoy superiority over others.

4. Tantrik


It was believed earlier that anyone who has basic knowledge could perform the processes involved in black magic. But the facts about black magic include that only Tantriks have the accurate knowledge about black magic. Only they can use the power of black magic in an efficient manner. Whether they use it for the good or bad it is up to them. But they surely have immense knowledge about this. Other those who dress up in an odd fashion and try to manipulate people with glass balls are all fake.

5. Vashikaran or Hypnotism


One of the most unusual facts about black magic is that, hypnotism or Vashikaran is also considered to be black magic. It is a way in which you can take control of some other person and can make them do anything you command. The person completely loses control over his body and mind actions. This is a very important part of black magic. Though it is a medical condition its use is much more prevalent in black magic. The person who is hypnotized obviously loses control over his/her mind. So, people who seek revenge try this phenomenon of black magic on those, whom they want to harm.

6. Voodoo Doll Is The Medium

voodoo doll

Voodoos are the creatures on which the black magic is implemented. These are actually the effigy on which pins are inserted. One of the interesting facts about black magic is that, it is believed that the voodoo represents a soul. Inflicting any harm on this ragged doll can harm the person connected to it. I know this might sound absurd to you but this is actually what happens. You must have seen in those typical Bollywood movies that Tantrik tries to cause harm to someone using them. These are made in reference to a particular individual, so as to harm that fellow.

7. Food Is The Easiest Medium

Nimbu mirchi

It was believed that black magic could only work in person, but interesting facts about black magic include that food is the most convenient method for implementation of this. Some of you must have witnessed or seen on television that the practitioners are pinning lemons along with reciting of some mantras. This is actually the ritual that they follow. And this is because in India, food is something that is considered pious, no one refuses to it. So, they take benefit of this and spell their negativity in food before serving it to anyone.

India is a culturally diverse country with millions of people engaging in strange and creepy activities. Black magic is one of them. These were just few of the many unknown facts about Black magic. Beware and take care!

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