Unknown Jobs – Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed


(Unknown Jobs) This would be a rather easy list to compile seeing as STEM or Law or Commerce jobs seem to be the only Jobs that are considered “valid”. The Indian idea considers everything else as sub-par and unsatisfactory. Here, we don’t seem to choose jobs based on our aptitude and passion but rather on money and status. But this list doesn’t contain unknown jobs that mysteriously pay well. But rather, super eccentric ones that will probably put the common Indian father to gross shame.

So, here is a list of unknown jobs:

1. Toilet Paper Tester

Toilet Paper Tester

Yep. That’s a real thing. The list of unknown jobs include the job of a Toilet paper tester. This person’s job is to test all sanitary and bathroom products before they make to store shelves. They are actually research personnel for manufacturing companies and strive to improve the quality and functioning of products.

2. Toy Breaker

Toy Breaker

This isn’t as heartless a job as it sounds. This person is a research personnel who work in the R&D section of toy manufacturers. Their job is damage toys in a variety of ways and writes a detailed report of the resistance offered by a toy as well as the maximum stress they could withstand before breaking down. The extent to which they were damaged by a variety of forces.

3. Heritage Officer

Heritage Officer

This is one of the unknown jobs that may sound like a normal government job but no. It’s probably a really adventurous and cool job though. This person’s job is to hike around a graveyard and take pictures of graves and keep a log of them. As well as a description of their physical status. It may super unconventional and spooky but seems like a wild way to live life if you ask me.

4. Ski Patrol

Ski Petrol

Now, this too sounds like a cool and adventurous Armed Forces job. But no. This person is in charge of flying over large resorts and ski slopes and inspect the turbidity of the snow and if the snow seems like a tall, unstable pile that could collapse at any moment, then they are to intentionally detonate bombs on it. And purposely create avalanches. This is to prevent any future skier from accidentally setting off avalanches and killing many in the process

5. Google Street View Guy

Google Street View Guy

The list of unknown jobs also include the job of a Google Street View guy. Well, all have used to Google Street View for a variety of reasons. And if you have used it a number of times, you may notice that at a certain angle, there is always a shadow of a videographer or a camera stick or a hand holding up your view. This is the Google Street View Guy. Their job is to travel to every street in the world and get set images in order for the search engine to provide a collected view. Travel the world and have all the expenses paid? Sign me up!

6. Leave Letter Spy

Leave Letter Spy

This is one of the unknown jobs that probably resulted in many people being fired. They are either part of the HR or the social media departments and their job is to determine whether people who took the day off claiming to be sick are really sick. This includes monitoring social media activities and much more. So don’t think about doing that anytime soon!

7. Ice Cream Taster

Ice Cream Taster

Probably the coolest job in the world period and it pays nearly $60,000! That’s 39 Lakh rupees!! This person is probably again a part of the research department of ice cream and sweet treats manufacturers. Their job is to taste the various ice creams and prepare a report of its attributes like taste, texture, etc and later provide possible solutions to make things better.

8. Food Stylist

Food stylist

Ever seen really pretty good on TV, newspapers or the internet? These delicacies seem to beckon you towards the restaurant or manufacturer that produced it. The list of unknown jobs also include the job of a food stylist. Here’s the thing: there is a person whose actual job is to create these aesthetically pleasing decorations. And here’s the little secret: many times, the colorful food we see is not edible due to intense manipulation to produce beautiful pictures. Well, we can’t have a beautiful cake and eat it as well!

The world is full of many more eccentric and unknown jobs. You just have to look. And you thought Music and Journalism were unconventional career choices. Ha!

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