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(Unpopular songs) The thing with all sorts of art is that so much of it gets lost in obscurity. But if you look- really look- even in some corners of YouTube you might run into art that makes you feel something.

Here I list some music that are unpopular but might become popular in the future.

With art, you never know. Sometimes it flowers past its prime.

1. Where’s My Love:

You might just have run into this one. It is no “Shape of You”, though. It could be about a love that’s run away, or maybe a love that wants to come home.

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2. I Run To You:

This one could be about running away into freedom- running in to be who you’ve always wanted to be. You can hear it in any other way, as you will!

3. I Like Me Better:

This song by Lauv is full of optimism and high spirits. It will catch your ear because of its strangely catchy tunes! Thus, it’s on our list of Unpopular songs that you will fall in love with.

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4. No One Is There:

This one’s by Nico and has that quality of making you feel uncomfortable deep within your gut. Perhaps one of the reasons why this song is uncommon is because you cannot read a legible meaning into it. Oh, and it’s immensely creepy!

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5. Breathe:

This list would be incomplete without a song from The Cinematic Orchestra. It is unfortunate how the number of people that know about them is so much lesser than it should’ve been. This song is calming and moving at the same time. Try listening to it in the middle of the night in a dark room. It’s one of the most unpopular songs but it definitely needs to be heard once.

In music we often tend to gravitate towards what emotions we relate to- towards the familiar and comforting. These ones, though, might make you feel unusual things. Have fun challenging your midnight sensibilities with them!

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