(Utopia) Dreams are tempting and we always dream of a perfect life ahead. As kids, we fancied adulthood because we considered it to be a Utopian world for us then as we finally grow up, we fancy big i.e. a perfect life full of luxuries.

What is Utopia?

Utopia is a place, situation, condition or even thought of a life that is impeccable and perfect according to the notions set by an individual. Dreaming of a Utopian world for oneself is harmless. But having a desire to live one, it is sometimes psychologically harmful until and unless we set our goals to achieve it. The youth is ruthless in its approach but needs certain amount of motivation and direction to struggle. We dream big and when that fanciful dream is seen shattered, we collapse. But the actual goal is rising up instead of giving up.


Now these introductory lines were to briefly describe Utopia, here we go with the actual motive behind this thought. Effort is the key to pursue this Utopian world which we desire or at least to encourage others with the aid of our experiences. Sometimes the ideas that we carry for a perfect life are hard to be understood by others, including our parents. But when we faithfully explain our scenario of a happy life and when they put their faith in ours to follow, it increases the strength and willpower.

If we’re successful enough that means we’ve definitely lived a lot of experience stories. We must share our experiences and use our guidance as ladders for our younger ones. These let them dodge those little hurdles and figure out the new ones. Moreover, we must remember our success depends upon that utopian world that we have created. Additionally, we worked harder in order to achieve it. We must think twice before making our decisions but once we take it, we must stick to it.

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