sharma ji ka beta


This is probably the “most common” sentence used by your parents, who I am sure are true Sharma ji ka beta fans. In each of our lives we have this one Sharma ji and his exceptionally brilliant child prodigy. And if he is missing from yours then you are probably one of them.

In Indian context he is an inseparable part of our lives. Even after long stretches of work and studies the moment you pick up your phone or laptop your general awareness of the whereabouts of Sharma ji ka beta is increased. Because Sharma ji ka beta ought to be the ultimate brainy and ingenious person alive. Who of course is a role model for supposedly morons like us. At least that’s what our parents believe.

But hold on. What does this Sharma ji ka beta look like? I’m sure we all have had different experiences with them. But here, with this article we have tried to bring out four common characteristics of the much wanted ‘Sharma ji ka beta’.

Sharma ji ka beta is a nerd, of course a bookworm!

sharma ji ka beta

Well, the most basic attribute is that he ought to be a nerd. Also he is a book worm. To that extent that his parents have to force him to stop studying. The librarian has to force him out of the library. And the teachers have to abruptly end up the doubt session. Oh My God! When will that day come in our lives? We the back benchers!

He is the most sanskari lad that you will ever meet!

So, that’s what our parents think. He is one of the most well behaved child of the neighbourhood. Who neither has any bad habit or a bad company. Obviously he will not have a girlfriend too. Because of course that’s a waste of time, distraction and what not. But wait a second. He will also be the first one to get married. Or in the sanskari language as our parents will say will get married at the right time.

Fashion, movie, games? Oh! What shit is that?

That’s what they feel. This may be a usual thing for us but for them it’s a big ‘NO’. If you ask them for all that, they will always lecture you about how time is important and why studying is essential! These are the ones who just know the spelling of fashion but do not apply that in real life. They will have properly oiled hair. Not even a strand is supposed to come out because that is labelled as distracting.

He has a fan club

sharma ji ka beta

Ahem! I know you will be like noways. We aren’t their fans. But calm down people. This fan club has the permanent membership of your, mine and everybody else’s parents. Because as I said, no matter what he does, if he has done that it is supposed to have a meaning and a target. And again, we end up being nothing but a brigade of nincompoops.

That’s what my experience says about the Sharmaji ka beta at my place. I think he is an ideal child that every parent wants to have.

Do tell us your story of Sharmaji ka beta/beti in the comment section!

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