Why humor at workplace could be important? The answer to this question can best be answered by none other than the office employees and managers themselves. All those who work in a corporate environment, as they become more experienced in the organization, they do begin to realize how much of a serious and monotonous behavior each one has to follow while working in a corporate culture. What are the ways to create humor at workplace?

Seriousness everyday and in every situation never happens and is too difficult for a flesh and blood to endure. I mean humans do create humorous situations and have moments of laughter we create them by divulging jokes or making someone the butt of our jokes and that we do that more, outside the organization world rather than inside. But humor is different from a joke. A joke is a story with a funny effect and it is sure to have a punch line while humor is doing or saying something unexpected that amuses the beholder or listener and also makes him/her laugh. Life is soulless without humor and laughter.
Humor is actually more than the definition I have mentioned above. And you need to have a good sense of humor to create humor and the beholder or listener should be a fine appreciator of humor. There are numerous ways to create humor at workplace. For instance, you want to tell your colleague that he is too loud on his phone and everyone cannot concentrate on their respective work, in this case you would approach that employee and instead of reprimanding him directly you would rather say, “my friend, you should have been a little louder in your voice, we didn’t hear your conversation on phone”. Here the humor you used to indicate your colleague’s undisciplined behavior, makes him less offended than would have otherwise. Humor can trivialize an aggressive response, also it ameliorates every serious problem.

But in situations where your spouse is infuriated and is grave enough, using humor can have serious repercussions. Also being humorous with your boss unnecessarily can deprive you of your job.

However an employee with a good sense of humor is much sought by the employers of both great and small companies. Humor makes work interesting and lively, and every person who laughs and makes others laugh is deemed approachable and friendly. But bear in mind making any individual the butt of your jokes or his/her culture, religion or personal life is offensive and undesirable. There are many effective ways to create humor at workplace which applied to appropriate circumstances in the corporate world can enhance the working environment and increase productivity. You also assure that you are approachable enough to your colleagues and authorities, with your good sense of humor.

Here are 7 ways to create humor at workplace provided your punch line or sarcasm remains ethical and less disgruntling.

1. Use colloquial humor

Use colloquial humorThis is one of the most recurrent type of ways to create humor at workplace. People with good sense of humor often create it intentionally or unintentionally while chattering with their colleague who sits at the opposite desk or at any place. Well if you can’t think of any idea how to be funny with your colleague, there is no trouble in getting ideas; it should be noted that you must be well acquainted with the person with whom you are about to share some jokes or pass a funny remark. For example, you know Mrs. Mehta’s son is nasty and gives her a hard time while she is dressing him for school and after that she comes to office all worn out, you may say “Congratulations for your victory at the war”.

2. Telling subtle jokes to make the environment laughter friendly

Telling subtle jokes to make the environment laughter friendly

Learn as many jokes to narrate to your colleagues if you cannot generate impulsive conversational humor. Also your body language, tone and voice should put effect in your joke so that those around you listen attentively and at least smile if not roll in the aisles. Never share jokes that may defame someone at your office and that are derogatory to someone’s culture or religion.

3. Recount Stories and reminiscence

Recount Stories and reminiscence

Often share stories that might interest your colleagues, a narrator of events is always considered as an interesting person. However you should avoid gossiping about any of your colleagues or your boss, gossiping people are heard by many but respected by none.

4. Play games with words

Play games with words

Playing with words is considered to be one of the healthy ways to create humor at workplace but sometimes can be taken as derogatory. For example, your colleague asks you, “Do we need to clear more stock?” You answer, “Yes by stalking purchasers”.

5. Double meaning phrases and words

Double meaning phrases and words

Punning the words in your responses is one of the effective ways to create humor at workplace, it is a finer way of playing with words. In this method you use a word that sounds like another word  leaving the listener quite at his wit’s ends as to discern what exactly you mean. For example: Your colleague says “The light is too bright in our office room”. And you reply, “Oh don’t you worry our supervisor is going to dim sum”.

6. Converting serious enlightening quotes into funny quotes

Converting serious enlightening quotes into funny quotes

This is one of the dicey ways to create humor at workplace when sometimes the quotes are likely to sound boring, however funny quotes can sometimes amuse the listener. For example: “Steve Jobs said, ‘Don’t put all your eggs in just one basket’. But what if I use a basket fit for protecting my eggs?”

7. Giving Ironical response

Giving Ironical response

Irony takes place when you say something but mean just the opposite of what you have asserted. “My boss loves me so much, he can’t bear a day without seeing my face”. Here you actually imply that your boss has become very strict with you and disallows you to have even a single holiday.

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