Weird Commodities Sold By Vending Machines


When we think of vending machines, in our mind we get a picture of candies, chips or sodas coming out of the mouth of a rectangular box. But little do we know that candy, chips and soda are not the only commodities sold by these machines. In today’s time, there are many weird commodities sold by vending machines and there are several innovative vending machine ideas. From hairy crabs in China to Caviar to hot burritos and pizzas in Los Angeles, and even GOLD in the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

Here are top 5 weird commodities sold by vending machines!

1. CAR

Weird Commodities Sold By Vending Machines
Car renting vending machine in China

Not a toy car, but a real one. Now renting a car is as easy as buying a Snickers in Hangzou, China. Kandi Technologies has created a massive vending machine for electric cars in Hangzou. All a person needs to do is to go up to a huge multi storied garage called Kandi Machine, and rent a car for a little over $3 an hour just by pressing few buttons on the huge vending machine.

Weird Commodities Sold By Vending Machines


Weird Commodities Sold By Vending Machines
Marijuana selling vending machine in Vancouver

Weird commodities sold by vending machines also includes Pot in California. To buy marijuana from the vending machine all a Californian need is a valid medical marijuana card. In addition to it, registration into the machine’s system and a thumbprint plus $15-$20 are required.


Weird Commodities Sold By Vending Machines

A bitcoin cash machine allows customers to exchange bank notes to digital currency in no time at all. Customers use a mobile wallet app on their phone to display a QR code pointing to their Bitcoin wallet. Furthermore, the cash machine scans the QR code and hence sends money to the wallet.


Weird Commodities Sold By Vending Machines
Human hair vending machine

Buying human hair the same way we buy a can of soda, if this is not weird then what is. The list of weird vending machine products also includes human hair. In order to sell human hair with minimal efforts, Marvin Kilgore a Philadelphia entrepreneur leased 40 vending machines for $130 a month. He sells mostly virgin Asian, Indian, and Brazilian hair under his private label, La Beauté Sans Limite. Moreover, prices per pack of hair extensions range from $65 to $200 (a person needs at least 3 packet of these hair extensions).


weird commodities sold by vending machines

If you have had a late night in California or Las Vegas. If your high heels are now killing you, then you might want to appreciate the existence of these vending machine products like slippers and comfy shoes.

But these are not the only vending machine that have dispensed shoes. Westin Hotels & Resorts set up a unique vending machine to promote National running day. This machine gave out free sports gear to whoever tweeted “I want to run with @Westin #nationalrunningday” while standing in front of the machine.

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