I bet there exists no one in the present decade who doesn’t know about Google. The search engine became so popular that everyone started using it as a verb – “Just Google it!”. Have you ever wondered about what are the google hidden secrets? So, here is some Google hidden secrets that will leave you in amazement.

What are the Google hidden secrets?


Every one of us must have used Google for handy calculations and conversion at some point of our life. But Google is not limited just to those silly calculations. So here is the first of the 10 Google secrets. Just search for ‘calculator’ and now you have an advanced scientific calculator without going to any external links

what are the google secrets: google calculator


Unable to decide between the given options? Time to flip a coin! If you don’t have an actual coin type ‘Flip a coin’ in the search bar.

what are the google secrets: google flipping a coin


Did you know, that you can play the 80’s classic game of Pacman on Google? All you need to do is to type ‘Pacman’ in the search bar, press enter and click on the game to play. We can control using our keyboard arrow keys.

what are the google secrets: pacman



There are almost no board games that we can play without a dice. But Google gives us an option to roll a dice as well. Search for ‘roll a dice’ and Google rolls the dice for you. To roll them again just click ‘roll it’ button on the bottom.

what are the google secrets: roll a dice


If you are bored then there is no better option than playing classic brick break game to pass time. If you do not have the game installed on your PC you can play it on Google. For that go to – Google Images – and search ‘Atari Breakout’. Just wait for a second and the game starts by itself. You can control the paddle by using your computer mouse or arrow keys.

what are the google secrets: atari breakout


Have you ever wondered how Google search looked like when it was founded? Just type ‘Google in 1998’ to see results in old style.

what are the google secrets: google in 1998


A lot of people play solitaire game. Now you can play it with Google. Just type ‘solitaire’ in the search box and hit enter. The game pops up. Choose your difficulty and you are all set to play the game.

what are the google secrets: solitaire



Tic Tac Toe is always a two player game until you know this hack. Just search ‘tic tac toe’ in Google and it starts a game for you. You can play the game in 3 different difficulty levels. You can also play with a friend by taking chances and sharing your computer mouse.

what are the google secrets: tic tac toe


Type www.google.com/teapot . The URL shows an error – 418. I’m a teapot – with a short rhyme verse. If you click on the teapot, it will result in an animation which pours tea into a tea cup. This also comes under the category of what are the google hidden secrets that you didn’t know about.

what are the google secrets: teapot


Another googpe hidden secret game is Zerg Rush. A bunch of ‘o’ appears from every end of the screen to attack and destroy your search results. You have to defend yourself by clicking on them.

what are the google secrets: zerg rushI hope it tells you all about – what are the google hidden secrets? So, try all these revealed google hidden secrets now.

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