What if I proposed him …What if I did not leave that place just before the blast … What if I missed that one question because of which I cleared my finals … What if this. What if that.

We do ask these questions in our daily life to ourselves, but what we lack is the courage to answer them back. We are not afraid because we lack guts to answer them. But we lack the courage to face them. Just a simple example, we all have experienced a dilemma of whether we should go for the idea of proposing our crushes but what stopped us was a simple “what if” What if he says no… What if he stops talking to me… and what not. And as a result, instead of taking the risk to take a chance to answer these questions, we step back.

what if

Imagine the person’s state of mind who left Hotel Taj a few minutes earlier than the 26/11 blast. What if I was late in leaving the place by few minutes… He surely will never want to answer this question. It’s not because he can’t but because he doesn’t want to.

Why is it so difficult to answer What Ifs?

The reason being very simple, sometimes we lack the courage to face the situation which would eventually answer our what ifs and sometimes our destiny stops or in a way guards us to be in that particular situation which sometimes definitely proves to be a blessing.

Is it really important to answer What Ifs?

At this point of reading, one would definitely think that is it that important to answer every what ifs in one’s life. The answer is YES YOU SHOULD. One should have the courage to answer this question and be satisfied with the answer.

It’s acceptable that in some cases you, of course, cannot be in that situation again but at least you can answer this. For example, answer to “what if I was late in leaving the terrorist attacked place” the answer can be “I too would have been, it’s victim”

what if
Attacks Of 26/11 in Taj Hotel, Mumbai

It’s not that this would create a sense of insecurity but would make you feel more secure and blessed. So just go for this. Be true to yourself and answer all those questions that have been haunting you for so long. And of course, don’t lose the courage to face them.

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