Advanced humanity: Where are we being taken by modern technology?


We all have seen the science fiction movies where superheroes like the Iron Man, Batman and much more. They had special features which were possible because of advanced technology. We have seen the concepts where an electromagnetic device. It is being in inclusion for holding on the life of Iron Man and his suit’s functionality.

It sounds futuristic and a hard to deny fiction while considering its certainty in the real world.

Humans have a fascinating effect on the technological aspects. These are capable of providing a regular human an edge towards others in terms of power, intelligence, and superiority.

It is quite evident in the modern world that technology is taking human lives to the next level. Prosthetic limbs information mode is tremendously similar to actual limbs. Pacemakers are being as tiny as possible. And other brain-computer interfaces are surfacing the modern world rapidly.

The question arises- what is the possibility of a Cyborg? Can we become something else through technological implants?

The answer is really magnetic,  in the recent decade’s technology has been put into rocketing mode considerably. It has come up with some miracles that are enough to leave you awestruck. Bionic eyes, Regrown bone,  Portable pancreas,  Smart knee, Wearable Kidney, Artificial Cells, Brain Prosthetics and by the time you have read this line, there would have been few other discoveries as well. These are surprisingly realistic away from any lunatic’s dictionary.

These implants are capable of restoring and multiplying your vision, providing you a toxin absorbing portable pancreas. An artificial knee capable of monitoring and duplicating the original knee mechanism, wearable kidney for the infected and much more.

The recent buzz that had a storming effect on the media and the general world. The buzz is the startling news about the ‘Head Transplant’ though it is not having any implants come out of advancement of technology. It is having the medical concept developing to advancing technology and it directs our minds towards the possibility and reach of human desire.

We can say it at the top of our voice that ‘ yes! We can become a Cyborg or even more’.

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Building a better human

The interfaces between human and machine take may forms-  some interactions that are to archive and replay experiences in a way that connects directly with the brain to access emotions and the senses and transport users to an alternate reality. Some extras to add up to the missing abilities due to any damage in the past, such as a missing or damaged limb thus helping to regain the lost function or sensory experience.

Then comes the famous ’Cyborg’ enhancements which aim to provide extraordinary abilities beyond the expected and the possible which is more technologically feasible than one might expect. Stated by many professionals all around the world.

Some developments that seem to be a product of ‘Science fanatics’  are weird looking suits that are namely‘Robotic exo-suits’. It looks as ugly as a praying mantis but, is in a claim to be very efficient and a boon for the idea of futuristic soldiers. These robotic exo-suits can make anyone carry heavy loads and conserve energy while walking long distances.

In some instances, technology already in use can do incredible things, but researchers are still investigating — and defining — its abilities and limitations said by Katherine Pratt. She is a  University of Washington doctoral candidate with the Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering, an engineering research center funded by the NSF.

With time, many advancing ideologies will come up and will be put into experimenting strategy. Humans will continue to develop and discover the inscribe. There is a certainty about the future of efficient. And smart implants which will be guiding the blooms of a ‘Cybrog future’.



Engineers and researchers should not lose sight of what is actual need of the people and requirement from their enhancements which has to be dependable and as humane as it can. Another question arises about the enhancements to assure a humanly feeling, which seems to be in ignorance always. This is an important issue and should be a highlighting point by the technology experts.

The enhancements are not able to make one feel the intrinsic human component yet.  Many people who have gone with the modern attachments as such the bionic arms or legs. They have complained about the alien feeling that they get and at times have also got rid of it.

The certainty of possibilities is defining part but the ‘human’ factor still haunts the utility of modern technology which is at present in implementation mode to make humans advancement.

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