why should we switch to google pixel

Can you imagine a day without your smartphones? I don’t think so. Even I can’t pass an hour without using my phone. From a 5-year old kid to a 60-year-old, it’s like a drug you need at every step of your daily life. It is like a friend who stays with you 24*7, helping you, guiding you, entertaining you, removing loneliness when you are alone. After vast usage of your phone, a day comes where you are bored using it and starts thinking what’s new. Hence to remove lifelessness of your phone, we start updating right? So, to make your smartphone’s usage more comfortable a new version of Android 7.1 NOUGAT has been introduced. Now in Google Pixel smartphone, you can avail all new NOUGAT features so why wait for switching to Google pixel.

 When you get to know about a new version you start picturing it and try to learn more about it.

What’s new in Google pixel and why switching to Google pixel is the best option?

why should we switch to google pixel

Dual app usage:

Dual app usage is the very first answer to why switching to google pixel is the best thing to do. When you watch a video suddenly your girlfriend texts you through WhatsApp, then you have to sacrifice either one.
Here with NOUGAT, you can experience split-screen mode; you can watch a movie and switch to WhatsApp as well, enhancing both at a time. And that’s enough proof for switching to Google pixel, isn’t it.

Multi-language texting:

Stop writing your mother tongue in English and start writing in your language. NOUGAT provides more than two languages to text.

why should we switch to google pixel

With new version express emotions with new emojis:

New version got 1500+ emojis with 72 new ones especially for women so as to promote gender equality.

Power up with DOZE:

The battery is the most common problem with smartphones. You may feel dull when your battery discharges, and you can’t carry a charger everywhere; to prevent it power up helps you to save battery in low battery levels and keeps your mobile alive.
Not only Google Pixel has got the latest Android version but also the trending features to give you the best experience on an Android mobile. This is another big reasons for switching to Google pixel.

Capture the colors of the world like never before:

Isn’t it a fact that the people are addicted to selfies and pictures, if we go around for a trip or come across a beautiful scenery, hanging out with friends, when we feel bored, we don’t even miss a single chance to take selfies.

Social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and much more pulls everyone to upload their pictures. Whatsapp have got the latest version in which your status is your picture; it is valid until 24 hours only. Hence we have to upload the picture for every 24 hours.

For being updated and running with the World, you need to have a smartphone with the best camera. Google introduces its smartphone to use it for a reason, a new era in a smartphone camera, with the best 89 DxOmark mobile score, you can now take brilliant pictures in any light(low/bright).

Google Pixel has got 12.3 MP primary camera and 8.0 MP secondary camera. This reason is more than enough to push you in switching to Google pixel.

why should we switch to google pixel

Combined hard and software:

Our smartphone is a combination of both hardware and software. Google itself includes all your favorite Google Applications inbuilt in it.

Now ask everything to your Google Assistant:

You can ask everything to the Google Assistant and also gain a lot of information from all around the world. Google Pixel is the first Smartphone where Google Assistant is inbuilt.

Strong body and flexible grip:

We might have lost the display of mobiles by improper handling. So, to prevent the damage to the phones, it has got an Aluminium body, smoother surface and perfect edges thus are easy to handle.

why should we switch to google pixel

Flying colors in the display:

Google Pixel display is made by AMOLED screen, with true black along with million of colors which give more pleasure of watching photos and videos.

Select the best of your choice:

Google Pixel is now available in two different sizes and colors, 5″ and 5.5″, black and silver respectively.

Mobile hanging is in the past:

Using various Apps at once causes your mobile to hang; Google Pixel, built with 4GB RAM, handles the mobile faster without hanging. Experiencing these all features will make you amazed and will give you a real experience of a smartphone GOOGLE PIXEL.

Why should we switch to Google Pixel? Now you know why 😉

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