(World population facts – Interesting facts and numbers) Humans are progressing majestically day by day, in all segments of life, across the whole Earth. One of the major things which they are progressing in is the speed of population growth. It is amazing how we live in this world and still know so little about it.

Below are the little-known world population facts!

1. Young Lives

young lives

One of the interesting world population facts include that the largest ever known population of young people was seen in the last decade. In 2010, there were 1.82 billion people between the ages of 10 and 24. Most of these are present in the developing countries, in fact, make up the majority of the population in the same. The increment in these young lives creates the potential for growth even more in the social and economic areas, which often hinder by poverty.

2. Numbers


World population facts include that the total population reached 7.6 billion as of mid-2017. The world has added approximately one billion people over the last twelve years. Even with the high death rates of those living in poverty, the world’s population is still expanding at an unstoppable rate. The world’s population is growing by 1.10 percent per year, or adding 83 million people annually.

3. Concentration


It is expected that half of the world’s population growth will be concentrated in just nine countries: India, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Pakistan, Ethiopia, the United Republic of Tanzania, the United States of America, Uganda and Indonesia between 2017 to 2050! This is one of the unknown world population facts.

4. Child marriage

child marriage

According to World Population facts about 37,000 child marriages take place each day. Although it is comforting to know that child marriage is ban around the world, it still persists because of poverty and gender inequality. Only eradication of poverty and inequality will result in the complete prohibition of child marriage. Empowering women is also a must as they’re told about their basic human rights as an individual and as women. Alongside proper knowledge of skills and education, there will be lesser possibilities of child marriages.

5. Africa and it’s importance

Africa and it's importance

More than three-quarters of the world’s population resides in Africa (which is equal to 17 percent!) and Asia (60 percent!). Africa’s share of the global population consider to reach 26 percent in 2050 and could reach 40 percent by the next century. In all possibilities of future, according to one of the world population facts, Africa will play a central role in the size and concentration of human population in the future.

6. Old age people

old age people

The world’s senior citizens population of age 60 or above is growing at a rate of 3 percent per year. The number of people who are age 80 or over is likely to increase from 137 million in 2017 to 425 million in 2050, and to 909 million in the next century. The number of old people in the world is thought to be 1.4 billion by 2030 and 2.1 billion in 2050, and could rise to even 3.1 billion in 2100!

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