Rothschild Family is 5 times richer than the Top 8 billionaires of the World


Very recently, Oxfam International released a report regarding the Top 8 wealthiest personalities. The combined income of these 8 people is more than the income of bottom 50% population of the world. Therefore, these 8 people combined have more wealth than about 3.6 billion people of the world. If that shocks you, how will you react when I told you that there happens to be a family that has the combined worth of around $2 trillion? That is more than 5 times the combined income of our 8 billionaires. It is the world richest Rothschild family.

world richest rothschild family
world richest rothschild family

Yes, Rothschild dynasty’s combined net worth is more than $2 trillion dollars.

This powerful family, originally from Germany, gained its wealth by establishing a financial banking system in the 18th century. It provided capital of railway projects and the Suez canal. The dynasty was founded by Mayer Amschel Rothschild and expanded with the help of his five sons in different regions. Since then, their holdings span across diverse industries like financial services, real estate, mining, energy and even charitable work.

World Richest Rothschild family controversies

world richest rothschild

Controversial stories that claim that they are a part of secret societies like the ILLUMINATI and that their house is full of devil worshipers; they are Satanic. They have even thrown very weird parties with invitations written in reverse. Also that they may have bankrolled many major wars in 20th century since they control half of the world’s wealth.

world richest rothschild family

Apart from this, there are many strange practices in the family too. There is a long history of incest in the Rothschild dynasty. Marriage between cousins, second cousins and relatives are common. This is how they are successful in keeping the wealth between the family. Additionally, it is also a factor in maintaining secrecy around their exact assets. If the Rothschilds are so wealthy why do they not appear in the Forbes Richest list.

This is because very cleverly the wealth is divided between the large family and so ever now or then not more than one member has appeared on the list at the same time.

Be it the Illuminati or incest or just their very clever brains in hiding their wealth, there is one thing for a fact: Rothschild family is at least 5 times richer than the top 8 billionaires of the world currently.

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