Finally,  the world’s most awaited vehicle is ready for pre-booking that is the World’s First Flying Car . Netherlands-based company PAL-V has begun accepting pre-orders for what may be the World’s First Flying Car to hit the commercial market. So now you can give wings to your dreams and sky won’t be a limit for you.

world's first flying car

The Design of the PAL-V Liberty, World’s First Flying Car :

Looking something like a cross between the Ehang-184 passenger drone and a BMW i8, the PAL-V Liberty is a two-seater car that has the ability to fly. It will be available in two models – Liberty Sport and Liberty Pioneer. It has an unpowered rotor at the top to provide lifts and easier and safe landings. The rotor blades fold away at the rear when you are on the ground. In addition to it, an engine-powered blade is also there which provides thrust during flight. So, on the whole, it is based on two Rotax engines – one used for the drive while the other is used for flight. From the ground, its rotor mast would unfold itself but you have to pull back the tail section and fold out the rear blades for flight. To transform your driving mode from road to flight or vice versa, it will take about 10 minutes. Once the unpowered rotor is geared, the turning air pressure from below leads to the blades rotating faster and generates the upward thrust required for lift-off. As it uses an unpowered rotor, it can not take off vertically.

world's first flying car


During driving on road, the engine produces 99 brake horsepower and reaches a maximum speed of 160kmph. It has a full driving range of 1,315km on one full tank of gas. Up in the air, the flying engine produces 197bhp and can climb up to a maximum height of 3500m. The maximum flying distance is rated at 500km, at a maximum speed of 180kmph.

All you want to know about prices of World’s First Flying Car

The PAL-V Liberty Sport will cost you Rs. 2,67,64,000 and the Pioneer will cost Rs. 4,01,46,000. If you find these prices too high for now, you can make a non-refundable advance payment of Rs. 6,69,100 for the Sport or Rs. 16,72,750 for the Pioneer. The advance payments will get you a fixed spot. Also, if these prices are also high for you, an escrow payment of Rs. 1,67,275 will get you a place on the waitlist, which will only be finalised once you make the rest of the advance payment.

world's first flying car

So just give it a thought and get your booking confirmed as soon as possible! Be the first one to ride on the World’s First Flying Car .

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