Sexbot is a staple of science fiction. But some specialists believe the first animated lovers made of metal, rubber, and plastic, programmed to provide sexual bliss. 

Jia Jia or ‘robot goddess’ is the World’s first sexbot. It has the long flowing locks and rosy red cheeks as a human. This humanoid has natural eye movement, speech that is sync with its lip movements. Moreover, it refers to its male creators as ‘lords’. Well, who wouldn’t love it?

Technology behind World’s first Sexbot


It took the team 3 years to complete the robot, which can speak, show micro-expressions, move its lips and body. Yet seems to hold its head in a submissive manner.

The humanoid’s programming is to recognize human/machine interaction. However, they are not completely ready for the real world.

A US California-based company Abyss Creations next year will start marketing sexbots. These sexbots will be life-like, with the ability to talk and move like humans.


Lynne Hall, of the University of Sunderland’s school of computer science, said that robots could create “a fantastic sexual experience”.

“There are lots of benefits to sex with robots… it’s safe, you never catch any disease, you can control it,” she told the conference.

However, the actual question arises whether sexbots will threaten the human race? – not only in terms of physical pleasures but also in terms of moral fanatics.

In a pilot study conducted by the Imagineering Institute in Malaysia, participants were asked about their perceptions of sexbots, including the potential for intimacy and attraction.

Although many were open to the possibility that humans could be attracted to robots, “when asked ‘would you have a robot as a lover?’, most of them said ‘no’.”

But scientists are absolutely assuring the public that the first ever official sexbot will be available from April 15th, 2017! These sexbots will even be available in 12 personality traits including, Shy, Naive, Sexual, Friendly, Kind etc.

Well, to conclude I must pose my views that nothing can seem more fascinating than this. But will it have a staggering effect and blur the boundary between virtual and reality?

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