World’s Oldest Mummies Discovered


It’s difficult to believe that the earth, we walk upon can have remains of our previous civilization. From arrow-heads, to broken pieces of jewelry, earth has it all. Digging deep, Chinese workers have unveiled one such civilization. They’ve found world’s oldest mummies.

world's oldest mummies

Chinese workers had discovered something beyond expectation

Reports shows that, while attempting to install plumbing, in Taikang country in Zhoukou, Chinese workers made an unexpected discovery. The crew came across a tomb which had mummies of a couple. Archaeologists say that it were mummies belonging to the Ming dynasty.

The Ming dynasty ruled China for almost 270 years. The dynasty had contributed in rebuilding The Great Wall of China and The Grand Canal. The Forbidden city was also built by this dynasty. The archaeologists believes that the buried man was the grandson of Gu Zou who was an official at the Ming dynasty. And the lady is grandson’s wife.

world's oldest mummies

Possessions found, told a lot about World’s oldest mummies

The Chinese workers were digging the foundation of a new building when they stumbled across a tomb having mummies of this couple. At this point, they reported the incident to archaeologists, who without wasting any time gathered at the site and found that the mummies were hidden in the rubble of the construction site. After a long analysis, archaeologists were able to find a lot about this mysterious mummy. They said that the mummy aged around 500 years.

From here on, they even found out that the shroud was made of luxurious red silk and also traced out the golden work of the shroud. Furthermore, there were no expensive jewels with the world’s oldest mummies. According to Chinese historians, the relatives of an anti-corruption official were buried without any riches or possessions. In addition, it was a testimony to their sense of honor.

world's oldest mummies

When the workers first spotted the mummy inside the tomb, they misunderstood it as a corpse. The trained professionals, made the same mistake. Since, the mummy had a good condition of his clothing, his teeth, and his hair, trained officials too thought that it was a corpse.

world's oldest mummies

This definitely gave a clear picture of Ming Dynasty in China and stunning glimpse of the bygone era.

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