(Worth-knowing facts about Israel) You just think and ISRAEL implements it. A country loaded with numerous sectors including cutting-edge technologies, effective communication, entrepreneurship, trained defense and military forces. ISRAEL’S innovation in every sector leaves the countries in a state of envy.

ISRAEL is a major exporter to neighboring countries, in terms of technology and defense.

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Thus, let’s scroll down to encountering some worth-knowing facts about Israel!



At Number 1 in our list of worth-knowing facts about Israel is its Military training program. ISRAEL’s elite military training program, TALPIOT aims at training the individuals to not just fight but to work their brains to think. It was created by two professors in horrification to the Yom Kipper War.

It has its partnership with the Hebrew University to teach the individuals physics, mathematics, and computer science at first. Following which they are sent for training in every unit in IDF (ISRAEL DEFENCE FORCES) including artillery, tanks, infantry, navy and air force. They then would be required to combine these teachings and training to help invent, improve all the weapons in the IDF’s personal and for military research and development success.


facts about israel: Israel Military
Israeli Drones

ISRAEL is a hub of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or drones that are essential to government’s security and defense. These originated mainly for military purposes, with its use extending to commercial, scientific, recreational, agriculture, surveillance, smuggling, policing, etc.

Some of them are strike-capable drones with the capability to operate from distance-locate the target and kill them on the spot.

The latest EITAN, also known as HERON TP UAV’s mission capabilities include surveillance, reconnaissance, battle damage surveillance, target acquisition, aerial refueling, intelligence gathering and missile defense.


Krav Maga

ISRAEL’s unique form of martial arts is known as KRAV MAGA. It aims at teaching counter-attacking, with the only way to stop an attack is to fight, fight not just to stop an attack, but to put an end to opponent’s life. Hence, this form of martial arts can be even learned by old people to counter-attack.

It was developed by the German Jewish boxer after the Holocaust to enable the individuals to fight back. The techniques that are taught are drawn from boxing, wrestling, aikido or judo. Its main motto is, ‘end life in 3seconds.’



One of the many facts about Israel includes KIDON, which is known as a little Mossad within Mossad (intelligence agency). It is known as the most efficient killer machines for conducting assassination campaigns. These also include the OPERATION WRATH OF GOD, OPERATION ORCHARD. It mainly recruits from among the former soldiers of the IDF special force units.

The killer team consists of 4 people: Tracer who spots the target, Transporter who guided the team to the target. Helper, who serves as the driver to the killer and the Killer who shoots the target or attaches a magnetic bomb to the car of the victim.

This department also includes women. They are honed during the 2-year course to shadow a target, create a dead-letter box and break into a hotel room. In addition to stealing passports, disguising and much more, needed for conducting an assassination.


facts about israel: israel defense
Iron Dome

The country has faced several rocket attacks in the past.Hence, the Ministry of defense decided to build an IRON DOME missile defense system in 2007 to protect its civilians. Till date, it is the most effective anti-missile system holding the capability to identify and destroy the incoming projectile.

It has tracking radar, the battle management, weapon control system and the missile firing unit. Also, it has successfully destroyed three rocket attacks, 420 out of the 1500 HAMAS rockets. Along with shooting down 52 out of the 200 rockets launched from GAZA.

Israel already has 6 Iron Dome batteries with 6 more to come. Thus, many countries have expressed their interest in purchasing these domes.

These were some of the worth-knowing facts about Israel!

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