With urbanization stepping in at a pace, India is one of the fast developing nations. Yet, some parts in India have women, barred from the very basic rights as humans. Apparently, there is still a society with the mentality “Girls can’t dream it” & “Girls can’t do it”. Jharkhand is one such state where human trafficking for forced labor and sexual exploitation is at its prime. It is among the poorest, less literate and most lawless states. So, it has almost always remained at the bottom. Yet, this is where the YUWA girls come from!

Birth of YUWA girls


Franz Gastler, a graduate from The Boston University who once wished to be an economist, is now a proud father to the “YUWA” girls of Jharkhand. He left his monotonous desk life. And therefore, he took up a job in Krishi Gram Vikas Kendra. While working there, the condition of girls in Jharkhand came to his notice. He realized the need of a social change in this hinterland as Jharkhand. Therefore, he started teaching football to a girl. This consequently led to the birth of YUWA.

“YUWA” is a non-profit organization that provides girls of Jharkhand training in playing football. A state where girls are not allowed to take the simplest decisions of their lives, here’s this organization. YUWA aims at providing girls with self-confidence to stand tall and face the world. YUWA aims to train the girls in football and raise funds for a new school for these girls.Therefore, Franz collaborated with Lenovo.

Emerging Champions


Lenovo, with its digital agency, Experience Commerce is working to spread awareness about these talented girls of Jharkhand. YUWA girls have been unimpeachable in emerging as champions already. They have left their critics and this, rather cricket loving nation awestruck by their commendable performance in the Donasti cup tournament in Spain and also the Schwan’s Cup tournament in USA.

YUWA is one of the largest football programs for girls in India today. They are a sensation throughout the country for their perseverance and courage. They are an inspiration to all the girls wishing to fulfill their dreams. All they need is just a chance. YUWA aims at giving every girl, the right to carve her own future and not let the society decide it for them.

Spreading awareness with YUWA

Lenovo has launched various campaigns initiated by them and are still being carried forward to bring about change. The campaigns are helping these girls in their motive of building a new school for them. #PitchToHer is one such campaign. It invites applications from across the country to pitch in ideas for creating better lives for Jharkhand girls.

The YUWA Story of Fame

From making the tin roofs of their school noise-proof, to setting up libraries and community centers. These YUWA girls themselves chose top three ideas from the 1340 applications filed. These top three bright minds were selected for a month-long sponsored internship. As a result, they got the opportunity to learn new technologies and have fun with internet alongside.

This path breaking campaign by Lenovo is receiving much acclamation. It has been successful in its aim of providing help to these girls. They are giving the people a chance, to contribute.

Success at Campaigning

Especially relevant, there also have been campaigns like #KickForABrick which was started to add hope with every brick added to build their new school by the funds collected in accomplishing their quest for a new school. Furthermore, #GirlsForGoals and #FailingForward are some initiatives to aware the people in supporting girls and their dreams. They exemplified Lenovo’s philosophy of rising up and learning from every failure smartly alongside.

YUWA has used almost all exceptionally brilliant ways in realizing their dreams. Therefore, making the people of India not only aware but also proud of them. Most of all, it has initiated the noble cause of making every girl “stand out” for themselves and not “fit in” in the society.

Every girl has the right to shape her future with her own hands. It is this right that YUWA has been successful in delivering. Hence, it has led to a positive impact on the society also starting a new era in the education of girls in India. Power to you girls!

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