Zenith fulfills her father’s dream by setting out on a 500-mile Motorcycle journey

A spiritual journey...


Zenith Irfan, a simple Pakistani girl questioned her mother, “What was that one thing that my father wanted to do and he couldn’t do?” The young girl’s mother smiled and answered, “He wanted to travel the world on his motorcycle…” That inspired this 21-year old to set out on an adventurous journey. She went on to travel Pakistan on a motorcycle. She traveled 500 miles in a span of 7 days smacking patriarchy in the face and breaking the societal norms.


Riding all the way all by herself from her hometown, Lahore to the mountains in Kashmir, her journey inspired many.

“I really got into the psychology and physical state where you have to keep on telling yourself you need to ride further and push yourself. Otherwise, you just give up and come back.” -Zenith Irfan

She is grateful to her brother who not only taught her to ride a motorcycle but also accompanied her on a 2000-mile journey earlier.

“I don’t get the connection between riding and your gender. I don’t think any gender dictates your passion.” -Zenith Irfan

She also came across few haters online who taunted her for being disgraceful. They also commented that being a Muslim woman, her act isn’t appropriate.

“Every moment and every place I went was a message to my father that this is for you and this was his legacy so it was a spiritual journey for me.” -Zenith Irfan

Being just 21 and belonging to a conservative society, Zenith truly did a commendable job. It’s not only an act of bravery but also exciting and adventurous.


Remember what she said, gender doesn’t dictate your passion. So break free and follow your dreams!

Zenith, we salute you. May you touch the Zenith! 🙂

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